Picture of Marking my powerbook batteries by laser.
I have 3 batteries for my powerbook that i switch in and out. They tend to get confused at meeting points for mac users such as conferences so I thought I'd label them via laser etching.
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Step 1: Select a file or image for marking the back of the battery.

Picture of Select a file or image for marking the back of the battery.

satzp.eps860 KB

Step 2: Place in laser-etcher's bed. eg: the Epilog i have in my shop.

Picture of Place in laser-etcher's bed.  eg: the Epilog i have in my shop.
i referenced it to the top corner and used the alignment features in Corel to make sure it was in the right spot.

Step 3: Etch.

Picture of Etch.

Step 4: Done.

Picture of Done.

munchman7 years ago
I would have thought this would be a bad idea condidering BATTERIES EXPLODE! Good example of a laser cutter though. Where can I get one of those in Australia??
knil92 munchman5 years ago
i dont think u can get one in australia even over the internet cus i think its against the law to sell high power lasers to the public, well thats what i heard
munchman knil925 years ago
It's illegal to import them without a permit.
Try wicked
berky93 maruawe6 years ago
although wickedlasers are the greatest thing in the world, they dont sell laser cutters. just pointers/light sabers
super idea! i use inkscape for vector images and gimp for bitmap pics. the output from them works great with my laser etcher. oh, wait...i don't have a laser etcher. in fact i don't know anybody with one. nevermind. my bad.
saul (author)  snowmannishboy9 years ago
befriend a grad student at somewhere with a laser cutter. alas, they are not commonplace yet, but hopefully one day... I've been trying to figure out hack alternatives. you should be able to print on OH transparency using a normal printer, rub the transparency onto the machine, then use coca cola or some other mild acid to etch the aluminum (with the toner as mask). hmm.. i'll try this. anyone else with ideas for non-laser etching??
eh9 saul9 years ago
You might try the pink goop for rust removal (brand name is escaping me). They are phosphoric acid based and specifically warn against use on aluminum. Composition has high viscosity so a brayer or squegee can work for application. This might also work as a silk screen etchant.
Gilo eh96 years ago
How about: 1. A dremel 2. Pocket knife 3. A dremel engraving tool 4. A hot soldering iron tip. Laptop batteries are encased in plastic , right?
cbseven eh99 years ago
naval jelly (I think it has absolutely nothing to do with the body part, and everything to do with the ocean bound division of the armes forces).
I have one thing to say. PERMANANT MARKER.
Use an awl to carve your name into the surface! Might look xtra ghetto.... Then surely no one would want to steal it... and you could call it "Punk Rock" & its all good!