Markook - Rumali Roti - Saj Bread - Shrak - Roti




Introduction: Markook - Rumali Roti - Saj Bread - Shrak - Roti

Markook - Rumali Roti - Saj Bread - Shrak - Roti

Rumali – Handkerchief in many regional languages of the Indian subcontinent.

A roti which is as thin as a handkerchief is called Rumali roti. The traditional Rumali roti is an unleavened flat bread cooked atop a hot convex griddle, quite similar to Markook of the Levant. Markook is also known as Shrak or Saj bread in different regions. We have had quite a lot of Rumali rotis in India and also during our recent trip to the middle east, almost all all our meals were accompanied by Markook.

Usually breads such as Rumali roti and Markook are usually made with a combination of whole wheat flour and all purpose flour or completely with the latter. We as always appreciate good health over authenticity, hence our recipe of Rumali roti will be completely made with whole wheat flour.

Our Rumali roti recipe will yield 7 flat breads, with 215 kilocalories in each.

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