Introduction: Marksman Assault Rifle 2.0 From Halo (cardboard Gun)

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anyways, here is my marksman assault rifle 2.0 (since it looks like the marksman assault rifle from halo reach)
I've taken a few photos of the rifle and one i'm working on for my friend.
it has a removable mag and changeable sights.

all im saying for now.


P.S. they aren't finished yet.


So will you show us how to make it?

uhhh...If i get enough favorites, i don't want to do it if its not worth it, it's a lot of work and i don't have much patience, if i do it wont be this gun, ill probably show how to make a different gun because it would be quite boring doing the same gun over, and this gun uses a lot of cardboard

why not just do the instructabl while you make it?

I always get carried away, and forget to take photos xD

its my fav! please make tutorial

I'm working on a custom Tommy gun and rebel trooper blaster, and will post them as soon as I'm finished

knexbug (author)2014-03-01

you do knex as well, great!!!!!!

Triggerhappy101 (author)knexbug2014-03-02

Yep :D

lego man12345 (author)2013-11-30

cool you should make more

im working on lets see....
... one, two, three....
.... i think there are five that i havent finished, and one rebel trooper ION pistol that i will post soon, k? :D

Triggerhappy101 (author)2013-10-20

please comment and tell me what i can improve

well, for starters, give it a paint job.

lol the whole point of a cardboard gun is that you can see the cardboard, but yea im gonna paint it when it's finished 8D

That actually is really pretty awesome...

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