Introduction: Marlboro Cigarettes Box to Polo Shirts

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Polo shirts made by Marlboro cigarettes box
Remove all cigarrettes
Slice the top flap off.

Step 1: Starting

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carefully undo the sides of the top to open it out, like so.

Cut off the white parts, so it looks like this.

Step 2: White Triangle

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Cut a triangle into the top portion in the middle, so it looks like this:

Step 3: Folding

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Fold the white top part around to look like a collar.

Step 4: Final Step

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Reopen the previously bent in sides from the back, viola! You are done!


matrix828 (author)2008-12-23

yh i agree i like it lol when my dad finishes a pack of ciggerettes i am going 2 make dis

kookiegrrl (author)2007-12-30

love this but god the way you handle that knife!

iguanna (author)2007-09-17

I'm glad you liked!

killerjackalope (author)2007-09-17

I love this especially as I smoke marlboro reds yay

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