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Introduction: Marmalade/Orange Sauce

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This is great for toast or even for cooking orange duck or orange chicken. It stays good in the fridge for more than a month.

This can also be gifted to friends, see note.

Step 1: Method

2 seedless sweet orange or mandarin, wash clean, pat dry, and remove any visible stem, quartered.

175 g sugar

1 tbsp lime juice, fresh or from bottle

Using food processor or magic bullet (or even blender), process orange until smooth, skin and all

Place everything into a pot and bring to boil

When you see it's starting to splatter, turn down heat to low-medium, cook for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally

Then to thicken up, turn up heat to medium-high, cook for 10 minutes more and stir often

Do watch out for sugar splatter is super hot

NOTE: This makes 1 jar of marmalade. To make more than a jar and to give away, use 6 oranges/mandarin, 1 kg sugar, 2-3 tbsp lime juice. Do the exact direction as above, cool on pan to room temperature, pour into cute jars, tie a ribbon and place a sticker for Marmalade and date

Enjoy :)



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thank you!!

thank you, that's very kind of you!

Gee, this IS so simple. I love marmalade - and I can see possibilities for other types of citrus fruits! Grapefruit, Meyers Lemons!

1 reply

Yes you can most def use grapefruit and meyers lemons would be awesome!