Marriage Equality (tie the Knot) Necklace





Introduction: Marriage Equality (tie the Knot) Necklace

An easy polymer clay necklace to show your support for marriage equality.

Step 1: Supplies

All you need is clay, a knife or other sharp edge, and a pasta machine or rolling pin.

Step 2: Roll and Cut

Roll each color into a stick, gently push them together side by side, and cut the ends so they are even.

Step 3: Flatten

Flatten using your pasta machine or rolling pin.

Step 4: Roll

Starting at one end roll your clay so that you have one striped stick.

Step 5: Lengthen

Now roll against the table it until it is the thickness and length you want.

Step 6: Tie and Bake

Gently tie it into a knot and bake according to the package.

Step 7: String

String it into a necklace and wear.



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Wow, you really did a great job making that rainbow. The coloured strips are so perfect. And it's so pretty. The knot is a cute idea. It would make a great gift too.

I support it but don't give a hoot about marriage anyways

Me either, it's just a piece of paper. I'm just happy everybody's starting to get the choice.

That's nice, and a helpful tip for making bands of colour for any other purpose as well.

I use it for alot of things.

I really like the technique you used to make that colour order!

Maybe it is just me, but I think that a square knot would look better because it is two cords bound together instead of a single cord with an overhand knot.

This is a neat idea. I like how you made the cord by flattening and rolling.

That's a good idea. I'll have to try it and see how it looks.