Marshie the Monstermallow


Introduction: Marshie the Monstermallow

Marshie is a creature (or, as he prefers, a monster) that lives on the 4 food groups of crisped rice cereal, marshmallows, syrup and butter. Somehow the chemistry reaction between those food groups made him look like a Rice Krispies square, or a marshmallow square, or a marshmallow treat, or whatever you like to call that sticky squishy square-shaped snack. You are what you eat, I guess.

He has big teeth, beady eyes, stubby marshmallow legs and gooey marshmallow hands. He is about 3 inches tall and he's probably as tall as he is wide, since he's kind of a square. Finally, he wants to let you know that he can snap, crackle and pop. He even made a video to demonstrate it.

Marshie the Monstermallow on Vimeo.

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    :( i thought he was edible.

    Great job on the Critter Contest win! You had my vote! ;)

    1 reply

    thank you so much for voting for Marshie!

    Glad you won! This was my favorite Critter. The sideshow was spectacular too.

    1 reply

    he's really cute.
    are the teeth felt?
    and how did you do the arms. did you crochet around a wire?
    super cute!

    1 reply

    thank you! yes his teeth are made of felt. i just crocheted the arms with light weight acrylic yarn, not around a wire. I was surprised that it could hold up on its own.

    thank you! the photo shoot was fun! and i did enter marshie into the critter contest! :D