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Marshie is a creature (or, as he prefers, a monster) that lives on the 4 food groups of crisped rice cereal, marshmallows, syrup and butter. Somehow the chemistry reaction between those food groups made him look like a Rice Krispies square, or a marshmallow square, or a marshmallow treat, or whatever you like to call that sticky squishy square-shaped snack. You are what you eat, I guess.

He has big teeth, beady eyes, stubby marshmallow legs and gooey marshmallow hands. He is about 3 inches tall and he's probably as tall as he is wide, since he's kind of a square. Finally, he wants to let you know that he can snap, crackle and pop. He even made a video to demonstrate it.

Marshie the Monstermallow on Vimeo.



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    :( i thought he was edible.

    Great job on the Critter Contest win! You had my vote! ;)

    thank you so much for voting for Marshie!

    Glad you won! This was my favorite Critter. The sideshow was spectacular too.

    he's really cute.
    are the teeth felt?
    and how did you do the arms. did you crochet around a wire?
    super cute!

    thank you! yes his teeth are made of felt. i just crocheted the arms with light weight acrylic yarn, not around a wire. I was surprised that it could hold up on its own.

    This is nice! Nice angles on all the photos too! Don't forget to enter this in the Critter Contest!

    thank you! the photo shoot was fun! and i did enter marshie into the critter contest! :D