Picture of Marshmallow Cookie
Do you like marshmallows? well...how about combining it with cookies and jam?
Sounds sinful? it is....sinfully delicious!

Step 1: Making the Cookie

Picture of Making the Cookie
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60 g     salted butter
100 g   sugar
1           egg
1tsp      Vanilla Flavor
225 g     Flour

Beat butter and sugar together till creamy. add 1 eggg and  the 1tsp off vanilla and beat well.
fold in flour,

Now roll the dough on a floured surface.
aasif.faiz2 years ago
Try this exact thing on donuts instead of cookies, I think it'll be wonderful
shazni (author)  aasif.faiz2 years ago
Thanks... Shall try it :-)
aasif.faiz2 years ago
Omg these look soooo good
Izz172 years ago
Looks delicious ... Yummy :)
shazni (author)  Izz172 years ago
It is :->
Mmm yummers! I really need to try to make homemade marshmallows, it looks so good!
shazni (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Home made marshmallow tastes real good... I prefer it anyday to store bought ! ;-) the quantity in this instructable is just right for the biscuits... I shall put up in another step the recipe for batch of marshmallow....( once I get to a computer!) You really should try it as it's delicious!