Marshmallow guns are fun to play with even if you're an adult. They shoot mini marshmallows. To shoot, you blow through the top piece.

Step 1: Materials

1/2 inch PVC pipe
PVC elbows, t pipes and caps

Step 2: Barrel

Cut the long pipe of 1/2 inch PVC pipe into a length of about 10 inches. This is your barrel. Put a t piece at the end.

Step 3: Make Blow Piece

Cut little pieces of pipe maybe about an inch. Put one on the t piece and connect it to an elbow piece. Then put the other piece and put in on the other side of the elbow.

Step 4: Make Handle

Cut two 5 inches pieces. Put one on the t piece. Then put elbow on that and another 5 inch piece on that. Then put a cap the end.

Step 5: If You Don't Like That

Do it this way. Or however you want to.

Step 6: Once Done

Then put a marshmallow in the top (blow piece) and blow as hard as you can!!!

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