Marshmallow Mortar





Introduction: Marshmallow Mortar

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A small portable PVC mortar used to fire mini marshmallows. Easy to build.

Step 1: Parts List

Parts list

a long length of 7/8 inch diameter sch. 40 pvc pipe

2 elbow couplings

1 threaded end cap adapter

1 4 way coupling

2 end caps

Oh and most importantly, you'll need the red thing of of this weird cone ball game from like the 60's

Step 2: Assembly

Before assembly cut the following lengths

10 and 4 inch pieces for barrel

3(2x) and 6(2x) lengths for legs

The picture enclosed should explain things enough to get your mortar together.

Step 3: Your Done!

Your mortar should look something like this if youve done everything right.

to fire, drop a single marshmallow down the barrel and strike the red thing on the ground.

the marshmallow should fly in a high arched trajectory like a real mortar before returning to earth.

Movie soon!



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    just stick a firecraker instead of the red thing in the back.

    4 replies

    ROFL! "Smores"

    hahahahahahaha for smores you would have to get a square tube and put graham crackers and chocolate! lol fire right into my mouth!

    The Stay Puft monster is doing an Evil Kenevil Stunt! XD

    that would be great, except what if you don't have the thing from the 60's?

    But how specifically do I get my hands on that red thing?

    you should go to "coke cannon" it is pretty good for a gun ill post my own later.

    Woah, cool! Now all we need is a marshmallow machine gun. A continuous stream of puffy sugar is always good! :)

    1 reply

    i've actually seen that on and here.

    its cool but ime about to put on a mortar that fires tennis balls useing a pole insert as the mortar and a dry ice bomb as th prjectile ive also come up with allot more things but there ..DANGEROUS..

    If u want to use it as a normal gun, just headbutt the red part.. If u dont mind the pain.

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    Clever but alas, I tried interating the red thing with one of my other pnumatic guns by raming the red thing against my sholder while aiming down the barrel however it only went about 10 feet. By using it as mortar you get better distance and hight. The more I think about it the original game had the exact same principal but used a heavier blue plastic ball. When I built the mortar around the pnumatic pump thing, all I did was make the device compatable with smaller and more plentiful ( not to mention economical) amunition.

    For those asking about the red squeezy thingy, if you check your local Dollar type store, I am betting you can find something similar that will work well enough, and considering it's only a buck (US) that is pretty cheap for the hours of fun. ~C

    Would this work? take a regular marshmelow gun and mount that red pump thing on the end, than jam it against your shoulder where you would hold it regularly. That should fire a marshmellow i think, i'll have to try it sometime.

    They have a similar air pump that comes with most of those yoga balls...It even comes with a hose attachment, so it would be more stomp friendly.

    I've seen the stomp rocket in action; they're fun. You could either cannibalize directly or find a similar stompable item.

    Excellent I love these air powered weapons, I am now scrabbling around the tool shed looking for pipes and connectors. Do you reckon if I blocked of the X joint to the legs with glue or a plug I could get more power to the barrel? Just thinking of ammunition...I reckon foam rubber could be quite good although marshmallows are great for targeting small creatures like daughters or small sisters;-)

    I love the idea, there should be more non explosion or high air pressure related pvc ideas. Can you think of any other ways to get the red air holder, other than buying a 60's ball game and destroying it?