Picture of Marshmallow Reindeer
The making of a marshmallow reindeer!
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Step 1: Step One: Supplies

Picture of Step One: Supplies
-mini sized pretzels
-chocolate almond bark
-popsicle sticks
-white and black icing
-red cinnamon imperials

Step 2: Step Two

Picture of Step Two
Insert popsicle stick into rounded side of marshmallow.

Step 3: Step Three

Picture of Step Three
Place pretzels on baking sheet so that they are touching in pairs.

Step 4: Step Four

Picture of Step Four
Place almond bark in bowl and heat for one minute or until melted. 

Step 5: Step Five

Picture of Step Five
Stir melted chocolate until smooth.

Step 6: Step Six

Picture of Step Six
Cover marshmallow completely in chocolate. Tap off excess.

Step 7: Step Seven

Picture of Step Seven
Place chocolate covered marshmallow onto pretzel pair.

Step 8: Step Eight

Picture of Step Eight
Place cinnamon imperial on top of chocolate covered marshmallow to serve as a nose.

Step 9: Step Nine

Picture of Step Nine
Let cool until chocolate is hardened. 

Step 10: Step Ten

Picture of Step Ten
Apply white icing to make part of eyes.
Apply black icing in center of white icing to finish eyes.

Step 11: Congratulations!

Picture of Congratulations!
You have made a marshmallow reindeer!
This is soooo cute! I made these tonight for Christmas, and they turned out better than I expected! They are SO adorable! Thanks for the recipe/idea! :)
rozalinda2 years ago
very nice....thanks....
Awesome! Looks like a great snack to do with kids too!
poofrabbit2 years ago
What a simple and effective idea! These are so cute!!!