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Using PVC pipe you can make this amazing marshmallow shooter.


mammoo93 (author)2007-10-30

I think someone should make an instructable on a marshmallow gun that is pre-pressurised and has the ability not to empty the whole chamber at once. A sort of paintball gun that shoots marshmallows.

Schuyler19 (author)mammoo932013-10-07

I've got one that i'm making right now- it has a hopper type thing on it

supertroopa86 (author)2011-05-22

Am I the only one that noticed the bedroom door looks like its from Dexter's Lab?? Guess im just that old :/

not the only one, however dexter's door is much cooler.

R0B0T5_R0CK (author)2011-03-19

make sure the clay is on the side that you connect the barrel to, that is very important.

R0B0T5_R0CK (author)2011-03-19

I too, have one of these. me and my friends will run around shooting each other with these but we do not use marshmallows, we use Nerf darts, preferably the suction cup darts because the create a better seal. Mine is a sniper, it has a long barrel on it and i made a scope like thing and spray painted it black and green. Also, in the T-joint fill one side with clay and put a small hole in the clay, this increases range. Although you will have to increase or decrease the size of the hole until you have it set up for optimal range.

NitroRustlerDriver (author)2010-12-18

I made a few of these for my niece and nephew for Christmas. Used my vinyl plotter to decorate them. Very fun!

Those look very professional! You could make some money off of those things if you wanted to!

cmjhawaii (author)2009-12-09

Forgot to mention that my daughter's mallow gun was spray painted not just plain white.

cmjhawaii (author)2009-12-09

My 9yo daughter just got a marshmallow gun as a birthday present from her friend.  They had so much fun blowing the little mallows out.  Even I had fun with it.  Great idea.  I'm planning to make some for family and friends.

gigocorp (author)2009-07-28

This is fun to build and very inexpensive. Having made the one in the video below we plan to buy a bunch of pvc pipe and connectors and have a neighborhood-wide shooter-making session at our next block party. We've priced it out and we can make these for less than $2 if you buy the 10' length of pipe. We also plan to buy a pvc pipe cutter as the hack saw makes too much pvc dust and requires the extra step of sanding the edges.

savagenarce (author)2006-06-16

Basically a blowgun with handles stuck on the side. Save yourself some time, money and effort and just use a straight piece of pipe.

AtIas (author)savagenarce2009-06-18

That's not as cool looking, besides this is far more functional (better accuracy)

dan (author)savagenarce2006-09-11

no, the T joint provides a critical pressure/release mechanism which causes it to shoot much farther than a blowgun.

chardster (author)dan2008-07-11

I like the blowgun just the same, i think it works great. The shooter jams unlike the blowgun. The shooter looks cooler than a blowgun, so i painted mine, Sorry about the crappy camera.

Indiana Red (author)savagenarce2006-09-18

Well, then go even simpler and just throw the marshmallows. The gun handles are part of what make it "cool" too.

zachninme (author)Indiana Red2006-10-08

Have you ever tried to throw something as small and light as a marshmellow? Call me if you go over 2 yards!

chardster (author)zachninme2008-07-11

Have you? It will go just as far as a gun.

NaesDraw (author)2009-02-27

As long as you have an unbroken(no joints) length of pipe and the right size, these will do nerf too. I made one that was one long tube, then the handles were T's one size too big, with tape around the barrel to make them stay put. Works well. Just remember no joints or it will jam.

Viddaric (author)2007-04-06

awesome! let me give you a few pointers. a longer barrel makes more accurate shots, so lengthen it to about a foot. also, the "improvement" made by Celene in the comic would not work. the marshmellow would get jammed into one of them, than the others would let the air out. also the marshmellows would not get into the other 4 barrels

Catling (author)Viddaric2007-07-28

What if you loaded the mashmallows directly into the barrels?

chardster (author)Catling2008-07-11

It would "work" but it wouldnt go far. I have tried all kinds of PVC marshmallow shooters and this basic design works the best.

cocothunda1 (author)2006-10-12

where can u buy colored pvc. already colored not painted

chardster (author)cocothunda12008-07-11

you cant. When they make PVC they dont think plumbers will care what color it is. All you need is some spraypaint.

jerielng (author)2007-02-23

where can i get a pvc pipe?

chardster (author)jerielng2008-07-11

I think lowes has the best selection and staff

Like home depot or Lowes. Any "Hard-Work" place. Or You can ask a plumber! xD

Obsessive (author)2008-04-06

I love these things.
I actually purchased one last year for a dollar at a convention for some sort of fund raiser.
It was identical to the shooter in the 11th frame.

sue5790 (author)2007-01-11

Where do I find the instructions to make these marshmallow shooters? I have clicked everything I know and don't find them. I clicked the PDF, but all I git was the same cartoon shown above.

Click the PDF and let it open. Then zoom in on the plans in the comic. Then you can read them.

sljusak (author)2007-12-08

We made 8 of these and took them to a civil war reenactment and had a great time after the official battle. One confederate private couldn't believe that he "got himself" a federal officer!

dwungnema (author)2007-12-02

I did this for a demonstration speech for my public speaking class. It was the bomb! My ten year old kid loves it too.

legosoldier (author)2007-08-13

hey go to youtube and type in marshmallow snipercam look at the guns his kids guns look like there more accurate then 2 handle

stellamojo (author)2006-12-05

There's always a party pooper in every bunch! I think this is GREAT and am going to make a buttload of 'em for Christmas presents!

spartana (author)2006-10-27

This is sooo cool and it dont hurt when you get hit in the side of the head. Thanks!

Slips (author)2006-03-26


chan27 (author)2006-03-05


themaster (author)2006-03-01


jifblumoon (author)2006-02-18

me and my frend were going to make this a year ago but we were to lazy and just used the 1/2 in pipe like blow guns with grapes they got allover the house, my mom was pissed

joshminer (author)2005-12-12

I am a 22 yeard old kid and my little cousin made us these for christmas... they are awesome for all ages... my wife might not agree becuase i shoot marshmallows at her all day... but its awesome!!!

tfleet (author)2005-10-06

This is such a wonderful idea. My boys just love playing with them. For my son's 7th birthday party, I made one for each of the kids (instead of treat bags)I made a bulls eye, and they just played for prizes. Thanks for this.

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