Step 6:

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Once your mixture has thickened, set the mixer aside and pull out the oil again. Oil a spatula (and here I went ahead and oiled my hands as well) and use the spatula to scrape the stuff into the already oiled and sugared 9×9 inch pan. You can leave the top of the mixture gloppy if you want, that kind of home-made texture is fun, but you could also use the oiled spatula to smooth the top of the marshmallow mix in the pan. Next oil a piece of saran wrap and cover the marshmallows and set aside for two hours. I needed to get on with dinner, so I actually put mine in the fridge overnight (otherwise we get ants) and that worked just fine for us.
RonitF4 years ago
This is great.
I was thinking that cupcake/candy molds could be used for this as well. Designer marshmallows sounds good.
butrcup744 years ago
Thanks so much for this! I've always wanted to do homemade marshmallows but was afraid because I only have a hand-mixer. I can't wait to try this!