Marsupial Chair - CNC Milling From 3D Model





Introduction: Marsupial Chair - CNC Milling From 3D Model

In the following steps - I'll quickly explain the process that I used to prototype an organic chair that I modelled in 3D software.

I developed the prototype in the FabLab Lisboa:

Author: Diogo Pereira

Marsupial Chair:

Step 1: Creating the 3D Model of the Marsupial Chair

I modelled a chair in 3D and I decided to develop the prototype in a CNC milling machine, to study the egonomy of the model. To develop the prototype I contact the FabLab Lisboa that has a CNC milling machine.

Step 2: Preparing the 3D Model for CNC Milling

I sliced the 3D model in slices of 5 cm's - the same thickness of the Styrofoam Boards.

Step 3: CNC Milling the Slices

After slicing the 3D model - I attached the slices in different groups in order to organize the CNC milling process and monetize the styrofoam boards.

Step 4: Gluing the Styrofoam

After finishing the CNC milling process, I glued all the slices and I presented the prototype in FabLab events, in Lisbon - in which the prototype is making success.



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Best chair i have ever seen!!! Bravo!!!

Hi. Thank you for your Feedback!

Nice What cad program did you use?

That chair is rad! What material will you use for the finished piece?

Hi. For the final coating: I received an advise to experiment a quick process of coating with "self levelling resins" - it can be applied with a spray painting gun. I also pretend to develop some replicas in fiberglass or in sisal fiber.


I think the word your looking for instead of "pretend" in intend. Pretend is to make believe or daydream. Just trying to help out.

This is awesome! I've always thought that CNC furniture is awesome!