It's 2015 now and, if you don't have one of these jackets, you're behind the times! Here's how to make one of your own if you don't have $900 to drop on one of Mark Poon's perfect replicas.

There's still time to make one before October 21! So get to it!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:

-A jacket with grey sleeves and chest pockets*

-Duck Brand Sedona Red Easy Liner 20" x 6' (1-2 rolls)

-Super glue

-Corrugated rubber matting** (1 yd is more than enough)

-Hot melt glue sticks

-Red and grey thread


-Seam ripper



-Razor blade

-Hot glue gun

-Sewing machine


-Paprika colored spray paint

*=Suggestions: Members Only jackets, halloweencostumes.com Marty McFly jacket (I will be using the halloweencostumes.com jacket, but the same concepts apply no matter what jacket you choose to use)

**=It is more accurate if you replace this piece with the plastic accordion part from an office chair. Corrugated rubber matting is way easier to obtain (available at Home Depot) and far cheaper, though.

Love it. Already made mine (have to do it. Oct 21 is my birthday) , but yours is far better. May have to make some adjustments.
<p>I had been wanting to put a Marty outfit together for a while. I spent a ton of time on the RPF trying to figure out the best ways to make this jacket without spending a fortune. Though I did end up spending about $100 putting together the shoes... Haha. </p>
Contest or not, this is clearly a winner.
<p>Great, the best</p>
This is amazing. Love it!
Awesome. This is really far out.
Oops good work*
This is so intense! Good woek

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