My friend Mark gave me the recipe for this lovely risotto. It is the first one I have ever made, and I am hooked.
You will need a covered frying pan (not cast iron), and a very comfortable stirring spoon.

Step 1: The List of Characters

Assemble and prepare the following ingredients. Make sure you have them all ready as once you start cooking this dish, there is no time to stop.

Olive oil
2 Chicken thighs (optional; this can be meatless)
Mushrooms (I used button, crimini, shitake or portobello, and oyster)
6 to 10 shallots
1 onion
Green onion
4 tbsp butter ((only butter, not margarine, not unsalted butter, just real full-fat salted butter)
1 cup carnarolli or arborio rice
Chicken stock
Nutty Sherry ie Amontillado
Black pepper
Crushed walnut
That looks tasty! And like the All-Clad wok, too. Those are great.

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