Picture of Marvels Avengers - Loki Costume
OK, So It took me 2 weeks to put this costume together in a big rush for a new zealand game/comic/video game expo called Armageddon 

As I left this till the last second it caused a lot of stress, and my wallet wasnt very happy with me, but I hope you all appreciate it :D
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Step 1: Drafting the pattern

Picture of Drafting the pattern
So the easiest way to make the pattern for this costume is to use a mannequin.

You may find that this is expensive, so, you should do what I did, make one by wrapping duct tape around your body sticky side up once, add 2 more layers sticky side down, then fill it with expanding foam once your done.  Only fill it bit by bit with the foam otherwise it well not set :D

To make your pattern, all thats done is a sheet of material is placed over the front and back quarters of the mannequin, from there you simply fold and trim the material back until it lines up where you want your seam allowances to meet.

A very important detail to make before removing your pattern is to add names/numbers and reference lines, this allows you to remember where and how panels go together, trust me, its very useful :D

Step 2: Transferring your pattern

Picture of Transferring your pattern
This part is really simple, All you are going to do is trace your pattern onto your material, and add a 15mm seam allowance wherever there is going to be a seam on your costume.

Once you have marked out all your pieces (making sure it all fits on the material) Cut out your pieces with seam allowance and reference markings marked on the inside of the fabric with dress making chalk.

Make sure to add the seam allowance, and then double check again, because without it, your not gonna have a good time.

Once you've cut out your panels, your going to have to do the same thing again with your lining, making sure that it is a reflection of your original panels if you are using anything other than a plan double sided liner.
corri.v.a4 days ago

What fabric did you use for the costume?

r2d2grrl1 year ago
I was wondering about what kind of fabric you used for this, as I'm working on my own Loki costume and getting the right look for the fabric seems to be my biggest issue at the moment. Also, since you mentioned it a couple of times, what exactly is bog? I'm interested in trying to make my own armor now, since yours came out beautifully--esp considering you said you put it together in such a short period of time. :)

I know you posted this comment a year go and probably won't be of any aid to you at all, but for mine--which you could find on DeviantArt here if you like -- I used a stretch vinyl and green broadcloth. The beautiful thing about black stretch vinyl is that it look, feels, and even sounds like leather. It's a beautiful thing and not nearly as expensive or hard to work with. I hope this will help you in some small way. Good luck on your cosplay!

absolutely amazing. loved it, will have to put some time into making my own. thank you for making this instructable. if you don't mind could you possibly make another one showing how you made the Manikin. it was alittle hard to see how you made the one you have.

I made a Loki cosplay similar to this one, and for my mannequin I used duck tape and plastic baking wrap. I had my mother help me and she wrapped me up in the plastic and then on top of that wrapped me in duck tape. She cut a straight line up the back so I could get out of it and then I taped it back together, filled it with pillow filling, and stuck it on a stool. It's quite a nifty thing to have, especially if you plan on making a lot of custom fitted things. Good luck!

DanniRose1 month ago

Wow. The costume is amazing!! What kind of fabric did you use?

Rebecca-474 months ago
Oh! Also, have you ever made his helmet?
Rebecca-474 months ago
Here's a new challenge for you! A loki costume...on a budget! Aaagh!
I really wish I could make something quality like this, but even step one is too much for me... Making a mannequin of yourself? It seems crazy.
I wish cosplayers would sell their pro patterns. ^^' Because this sure isn't in the Simplicity catalogue!

Whelp looks like I'm going to be attempting something that's going to end in tears :D
Anyway, I was wondering what material you used for the black parts?

Hey, I really love this! It's so well created and perfect!! I'm going to make this for DragonCon this year, and I was wondering what material you used for the green and black tunic and sleeves part of the costume? Thank you so much, this is fantastic!!


lspringer31 year ago
I am looking for help my daughter wants to be Loki yes I said loki for comic con in august I'm do not know how to make this never learned to sow do you know people out there who could make this costume I am willing to pay for it to be made and for the material could you please help me find someone
How long did it take?
u do look like tom hiddleston
Jane Oreo1 year ago
i love this.
How did you glue the chest piece to your shirt?
kkat5671 year ago
Soooooooooooo amazing Loki is my favorite character
JackDF1 year ago
your kyle of asgard, friends of dafrontlinetrooper?
KyleofAsgard (author)  JackDF1 year ago
Indeed I am :D
darbie27281 year ago
:'3 <3 marry me omfg.
schmelkie1 year ago
oh my goodness! i am so in love with this. im going to have to try this so i can cosplay as him. thank you so much for this!
Thank you for answering my question thund3rcock! It's a great help! Hope to see more from you soon!

(P.S - my friend and I also love the glowing eyes, going to have to give that one a try some day!)

I love the detail and effort that you put into this costume! Especially in two weeks!

I was just wondering though - because I don't recall reading this in your article - can you please tell me how much this costs to me?

Thanks :)
Hey :D

Thank you very much. :D In total it cost me just over $400 bucks :D
Ok, so you are awesome, just gonna say. But, if I may, did you make the "tunic" seperate from the coat, or did you sew them together? And how did you wire the staff?
poofrabbit2 years ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
The Rambler2 years ago
Too cool. I've been eyeing his shoulder plate for a while. I might have to copy you on that.
Honus2 years ago
Awesome Loki costume. You make a very convincing Loki!
my salute to your attention to details.. absolutely stunning .. you from downunder land?
that is an awesome costume, :)
Sweet, sweet costume!