Introduction: Marvel's Star Lord Blaster

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Have you ever saw something on the Internet or TV and said to yourself," Wow that's super cool I wanna make that!" I do that everyday!!! Anyways I was watching that Guardians of the Galaxy trailer and I wanted to see the comic version of Peter Quill. One of his weapons was 2 versions of his blaster. The first one was the blaster that his mom gave him when he was about 10. I really like this design so I decided to make my own! Have fun and ask any questions in the comments! :)

Step 1: Materials Needed

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The materials needed for this blaster are:

•hot glue gun
•hot glue sticks
•fake gun (I got mine at the dollar store)
•exact o knife
•silver spray paint
•yellow foam sheet
•black foam sheet

Step 2: Drawing Plans

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The first thing I did was draw out a 2D life size model on paper with all the details on it.

Step 3: Making the Base

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Cut out your 2D blaster and trace it onto the cardboard. Since your making two sides you want to double both sides. It turns out I used everything in cardboard.

Step 4: Details

Picture of Details

I cut out all the details from the paper blaster and raced it onto cardboard.

Step 5: Glueing It

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Glue most of the things on except the ones your going to put foam on. Cut out a really long line that's as big as your gun. Glue it along the edge of one of the blaster sides. After cut out a slot for the gun. Glue the gun in place and secure it.

Step 6: Painting

I think this is a simple step. Get some silver spray paint and paint. Wait till it dries.

Step 7: Add Foam

Picture of Add Foam

Get the black and yellow foam and glue it on the appropriate places.

Step 8: Glueing on Part 2

Finish glueing on the other side of the blaster! And your done!

This was pretty simple! I hope you had fun with this post pics of your blaster if you made one of your own!

Step 9: Advertisement Center

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As we all know this blaster was from Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy. And what a coincidence the new movie is coming out on August 1, 2014. Since its a Marvel movie I'm pretty sure there's going to be a lot of explosions and a movie stars kicking alien butt!!! :D

Step 10: Sneak Peak on Future Marvel Props

Picture of Sneak Peak on Future Marvel Props

I decided to do 2 more continuous G.O.T.G props. It includes Star Lord's mask/helmet and blaster #2. I have a few pictures to show you my plans for it!!!! :) :) :) :)

Until next time!!!( that's a picture with me and my brother!)


CrystalB01 (author)2014-07-24

Thanks for the help and the great comment! More AWESOME instructables on the way!! :) :) :) :)

Bwilson Props (author)2014-07-24

oh wow, this is amazing! this needs more views and appreciation from the public, i'll help you get it out there, seriously, this is AWESOME

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