Step 8: Final Touches for the Helmet

The crowning touch (as it were) of Marvin's helmet is that broom brush on top of the helmet.  A real Roman helmet would have sported feathers, but this is a Warner Brothers cartoon character we're talking about, so how appropriate is it to use an actual broom brush head for the crown of the helmet? This one was a $2.98 job from Wally World minus the screw-on handle. I held it handle-end on top until I could eyeball the correct position. With trusty Sharpie in hand, I traced around the bottom of the handle-end, leaving a small circle on the helmet. I drilled a good sized hole, and finally used my jigsaw to cut the opening. I then trimmed away at the opening until I enlarged it enough to insert  the handle end almost to the top. A good, snug fit was achieved. A final touch up of paint all over, and I attached the Velcro'ed visor back onto the helmet. It was now ready to wear.
<p>Planning on making this for c2e2 ( I HAVE 2 WEEKS) how long did it take you? :)</p>
I used your helmet design for my marvin costume the past weekend at fanaticon and it turned out perfect and everybody loved it! They were still talking about it after i left. I probably could have won the costume if i would stayed and enter. Thank you for posting your design!
<p>Very nice! I am honored that you chose to emulate my methods. Are those basketball shorts under the skinsuit? My wife insisted I wear shorts underneath as well because she thought I was showing too much of 'that' area. LOL</p>
Haha yes sir it is. My mom said the same thing lol. Hey your methods are perfectly crafted my friend. Well done.
<p>I did it- ran out of time to do anything with the shoes- Still won 1 st place- Honestly if I had to do this over I would have made a florescent green tutu skirt with tulle.</p><p>all in all a very fun costume to make- very time consuming- </p><p>Thank you for sharing</p>
<p>A real good effort there, and the running shoes work out fine as a substitute for Marvin's oversized Keds! And way to go getting 1st place! </p>
I LOVE it!! <br> <br>That costume is wonderful. How much of a pain was working with fiberglass cloth? <br><br>All in all, it seems to have come out together great!
The fiberglass cloth wasn't so bad, although some strands would come off the edges a cut piece and stick to anything. I was using latex gloves, and had gotten a bit of the resin on them and the bits would stick anywhere there was resin. I don't know how much different it would be if you worked with the mat instead. There are some videos on YouTube about working with fiberglass you might find useful. All in all, I was impressed with the ease of use, and I plan on making things with fiberglass again.
That costume is great :) Awesome job!
Thanks for the kind words!

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