Step 8: Final Touches For The Helmet

Picture of Final Touches For The Helmet
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The crowning touch (as it were) of Marvin's helmet is that broom brush on top of the helmet.  A real Roman helmet would have sported feathers, but this is a Warner Brothers cartoon character we're talking about, so how appropriate is it to use an actual broom brush head for the crown of the helmet? This one was a $2.98 job from Wally World minus the screw-on handle. I held it handle-end on top until I could eyeball the correct position. With trusty Sharpie in hand, I traced around the bottom of the handle-end, leaving a small circle on the helmet. I drilled a good sized hole, and finally used my jigsaw to cut the opening. I then trimmed away at the opening until I enlarged it enough to insert  the handle end almost to the top. A good, snug fit was achieved. A final touch up of paint all over, and I attached the Velcro'ed visor back onto the helmet. It was now ready to wear.