Introduction: Marzipan Fresh Fruit Cake

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Hi guys! in this tutorial i'm going to show you how to make a small delicious marzipan fresh fruit cake, it's simple to make and everybody loves it!

Step 1: Eggs

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Take 2 big eggs preferably room temperature

Step 2: Sugar

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Take 60g granulated white sugar

Step 3: Flour

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Take 60g of flour

Step 4: Butter

Picture of Butter

Take 20g of unsalted butter

Step 5: Vanilla Exrtract

Picture of Vanilla Exrtract

Take vanilla extract

Step 6: Melt Butter

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Now you have all your cake ingredients, start with melting the butter in the microwave

Step 7: Bowl

Picture of Bowl

Take a bowl, crack the 2 eggs in it

Step 8: Hand Mixer

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Take a hand mixer and start mixing the eggs, add the sugar gradually then add few drops of vanilla extract. Keep whisking until you get creamy texture and see bubbles

Step 9: Stir

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Add the flour gradually and stir it slowly, add the melted butter, stir until it's incorporated, but don't overmix it so it won't get runny

Step 10: Cake Pan

Picture of Cake Pan

Take a cake pan and grease it

Step 11: Food Coloring

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Add food coloring if you want to, pour the batter into the pan then drop the pan onto the counter a few times to shake out air bubbles

Step 12: Oven

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Put the batter in a 150°C preheated oven to bake for 35-40 minutes

Step 13: Almond

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While the cake is baking,take 150g of unsalted almond and put it in a small saucepan filled with water, put the saucepan on medium heat until the water starts boiling then remove it and strain it into a colander and run cold water on it

Step 14:

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Put the almonds in a plate and start peeling it

Step 15: Grind Almond

Picture of Grind Almond

Put the almonds in a grinder and grind it then put it in a bowl

Step 16: Powdered Sugar

Picture of Powdered Sugar

Add 4 teaspoon of powdered sugar to the the ground almond

Step 17: Orange Flower Water

Picture of Orange Flower Water

Add orange flower water gradually and start working the mixture into a paste with your hands, you'll notice oil coming out of the paste, wipe it off with paper towel

Step 18: Food Coloring

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Add food coloring to the paste and leave it for now

Step 19: Cake

Picture of Cake

Take your cake out of the oven once it's done, let it cool in the pan for 10 minutes, run a knife around the edges to loosen then put a plate on top of the pan and flip it over

Step 20: Cutting the Cake

Picture of Cutting the Cake

Cut the cake in half using a sharp knife

Step 21: Whipped Cream

Picture of Whipped Cream

Take a bowl and add 80g of powdered whipped cream,1 tablespoon of powdered sugar,130 ml of cold milk, few drops of vanilla extract

Step 22: Whisking

Picture of Whisking

Take the hand mixer and start whisking the mixture on medium speed until it thickens

Step 23: Fruits

Picture of Fruits

Take a banana and an apple, peel them then cut them into pieces

Step 24: Adding Cream and Fruit

Picture of Adding Cream and Fruit

Now put a good amount of whipped cream on the bottom part of the cake and spread it with a knife then add the banana apple mixed pieces

Step 25: Adding the Top Layer

Picture of Adding the Top Layer

Put a small amount of cream on the second layer and put it on top of the other

Step 26: ​Covering the Cake

Picture of ​Covering the Cake

Cover the whole cake with whipped cream

Step 27: Rolling Pin

Picture of Rolling Pin

Get the marzipan (the almond paste), dust your work surface with icing sugar, take a rolling pin and roll it over the paste until it gets big enough to cover the cake

Step 28: Marzipan the Cake

Picture of Marzipan the Cake

Slide your hands under the marzipan and lift it very gently on the the cake, smooth it with the palm of your hands then cut the excess

Step 29: Kitchen Ruler

Picture of Kitchen Ruler

Take a kitchen ruler and start making crossed lines on the cake with it

Step 30: Bow

Picture of Bow

Take a small piece of the marzipan, cut it into a rectangle, cut it's sides to sharp shapes, fold them then add a small piece at the center and wrap it around the bow and put it on the cake

Step 31: Silver Dragees

Picture of Silver Dragees

Take a pack of edible silver dragees and start decorating the cake

Step 32:

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And that's it, Bon Appétit!


gm280 (author)2017-01-31

I know basically nothing about cooking or baking, but that finish cake looks amazing. If you have any extras and need to get rid of them, let me know. Thumbs Up!

Alice Blade (author)gm2802017-01-31

lol, it's in cake heaven now

nanaverm (author)2017-01-31

So you treat the marzipan as a fondant frosting! Looks delicious.

Alice Blade (author)nanaverm2017-01-31

it is delicious and better than fondant frosting

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