This scrumptious dessert is made with a Mascarpone cheese instead of the traditional Ricotta. It's all a matter of personal preference. My family prefers the smoother texture of the Mascarpone filling.

Note: You cannot make the cannoli ahead of time or the shells will get soggy. Make the filling and shells in advance and fill just before serving.

Step 1: You Will Need Some of These...

You wrap the dough around these little tubes for deep frying.
<p>Is it heavy or light whipping cream?</p>
<p>The shells look a bit burnt ,but other than that they look great!</p>
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made some a few hours ago and its still very liquidy like melted whipped cream what can i do? <br>
Was your cream well whipped? I wonder if you could beat more at this point?
actually i just add some cornstarch and a bit of vanilla and cream of tartar and it didnt help much at first but then i just turned it on like 10 for a few seconds on a kitchen aid and now its nice and fluffy. but at first when i added everything besides the milk it was a good consistency but when i poured in the milk it just turned to ice cream soup. but i think i fixed it and add some cocoa powder.
These look fantastic!
Voted! good luck!
Your Cannoli like art work.
I love the email description of a Mascarpone Wallet.
That's what I came to see. Cannolis are great, but a wallet made of mascarpone would have been much more interesting...
Cannoli is my favorite! <br />
How many cannoli did you get out of this recipe?
I expect to get about 12, depending on the thickness of the dough and unavoidable mishaps :-)
Leave The Gun Take The Cannoli! <br>GREAT recipe!
This is absolutely beautiful! I agree that mascarpone cheese is much nicer in cannoli. :D

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