LED Reading Glasses





Introduction: LED Reading Glasses

This Instructable entry for the Mash-Up contest will tell you how to combine your reading glasses with an LED light source. You can build it cheaply and with extreme ease. Now you can read papers in the dark or in poor light!

Step 1: Materials


(1) LED in red to maintain night vision- around $0.20 each
(1) roll of strapping tape- around $2.00 a roll
(1) pair of glasses- can be sunglasses
(1) CR2032 3V Lithium Batteries- around $0.25 each

Step 2: Constructing the LED

First you tape one of the LED wires to the battery (the longer wire goes to +, the shorter wire goes to the -) and let the other side stay free and not touching the battery. Make sure the wires are touching the proper sides of the battery because it will short circuit.

Step 3: Conecting the Glasses and the LED

Now you tape the battery and the connected wire to the side of the glasses. Be sure to leave part of the battery showing on the side the loose wire would touch.

Step 4: Working the LED

To work the light, all you have to do is press the loose wire onto the exposed battery and the LED will light up for as long as you press the wire. To shut it off you just stop pushing the wire onto the battery and make sure the two aren't touching.

Step 5: Variations

You can do the same process with another battery and LED on the other side.

I chose a red LED so as not to spoil my night vision if I use it in the dark. You can use any color LED if you choose.



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I prefer this one:


I'm sure it looks kinda cool using red LED's and sunglasses together, But the outcome is different than the stated title.

I also noticed that no current limiting resistors were used.

I think I will remake this using safety glasses, And white LED's, For my personal use only of course.
It would really come in handy, When tearing apart old televisions, ect.

This is a fair enough idea, Just not enough work put into the circuit design, And the said project differentiates from the listed title.
Perhaps two separate instructibles are in order here.

 Doesn't the battery hurt your head?

You could pop the lenses out....you should make a hat one!

Use safety glasses, as they do not prevent light, which is the purpose of sunglasses!

i find it kind of ironic that you made these out of sunglasses,when the soul purpos of the project was to read in the dark...wicked shades though, i like this idea alot. where would i go to buy a bunch of leds? canadian tire?

Ebay thats a pretty good source not radio shak(expensive)

do you have a picture of it lighted?

i think this is a lesson in futility because ther're sun-glasses with a light!!!