Use your leftover mashed potatoes to make these dense, savory biscuits. They are ridiculously easy with a prep time of 5 minutes, and best served with salty butter or sour cream. You can add other things for flavor (grated cheese, chives, rock salt) but this is the essential base.

Only THREEingredients:

  • 1 Cup of old mashed potatoes (mine had Pesto and Roasted Garlic so there's some flavour).
  • 1 Cup of flour
  • 2 eggs

Step 1: Put It Together & Bake

Preheat oven to 350-375°

1. Add the potatoes and flour in a mixing bowl, then the eggs.
2. Mix them into a dough quickly. Don't over mix.
3. Spoon into lined or greased muffin tin and bake for around 25 minutes or until the center is cooked and the tops are golden.

Step 2: Serve!

You're already done!

Serve these warm, preferably with salted butter, sour cream, or even gravy. Great as a side for soup. Enjoy :)

<p>Made it! Smells really good. Haven&rsquo;t tasted it yet....</p><p>*1 hour later*</p><p>OH MY GOSH!!!!!! This is delicious! I added garlic salt and minced onions to mine, and golly I almost made myself sick eating them. Once you have one you want to have another, and another, and another!</p>
Haha, those look awesome! I guess there's no need for a muffin tin. Garlic salt and minced onions sound good too. mmm :-9
<p>Thanks! I didn't put them in a muffin tin because those things are such a pain to clean, instead I took a half spoonful (in a serving spoon) and banged it onto a greased cookie sheet. It worked pretty well, I could just pick them up off the cookie sheet and the pan was really easy to clean, even after baking two batches on it. Oh, I had a suggestion: </p><p>I bet if you added, lets say another half cup of flour to the mixture, you could roll it out as a dough and then you'd be able to use bisciut cutters on it, and make it look really professional.</p>
<p>I really want to try this! I'll bet they'd be even better with homemade potatoes, instead of pre-mixed. We always mash our own potatoes, maybe I should do an instructable on that.... hmm...... </p><p>Anyways, great instructable! </p>
<p>also makes really good drop dumplins</p>
<p>Great idea!</p>
<p>---one more thing to put in the waffle iron! Yum!</p>
That's a fantastic idea! I will try that myself =)
I can count the eggs, but how much potatoes and how much flour go with the two eggs?
<p>One cup of each - nice and easy :)</p>

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