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2015 mid-evil mask with touch of Asian accents.

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Please attached PDF

Measure around your head and make two with one a half inch larger.

Measure the bridge - make sure you add a 1/2" on both sides. Make one wider than the other.

You want to make a piece that you need to sew the top on - as seen in picture 4

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Making the top you will need to measure from the front to the back - front should be above the head band 1/2" to 3/4" so it does not rest on the shield.

The side will be measured in two steps _ 1 Back of the head to the back of the ear _ 2 back of the ear to the back side of the eye. You will have to put all these measurements together so it will be one piece of leather or other material. The cut down for the ear is 2" added to the total measurement.

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On the front mask is up to you. The eyes are going to come out the way you want to design them. It will be smaller than you think, so make sure you take a count that the sides need to come in a bit.

Picture of the football is the sides of the head piece _ this is the last piece that you add - it needs to be molded into the mask and will come out nice if you do it last.

Ear piece is up to you _ you can put wings, flowers, an design you like. Make sure you start from the front of the mask than around the ear opening. Sewing is only to the top of the ear so you can mold the piece once it is on the mask.

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Now you have a pattern to make a mask. It up to you to make it your own_ go outside the box.


fbono (author)2015-10-28

Awesome work!

PaulS130 (author)2015-10-18

I made it in the shop without doing a project file. I will see if I have any of the cutouts and put something together.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-10-18

This looks amazing! If you have any pictures of the assembly process, I am sure that everyone would love to see how you made it.

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