Created in 2009 over two months. After being obsessed with BBC's 'Planet Earth' series, particularly the segment featuring Ibexes, I wanted to incorporate huge horns into a mask. The housing bubble had been in the news constantly. I used a Carpenter Gothic house for reference. My previous three masks had birds incorporated too and I wanted to continue with that theme. 

- Horns, house, bird and talons carved from Ethafoam
- Forms covered in polar fleece and airbrushed
- Faux fur used for details
- House trim, shutters, door, steps and bushes cut from sheet rubber and hand painted
- Windows and talon nails cut from Makrolon polycarbonate sheet 
- Bird eyes cut from ping pong balls, painted, white glare highlights cut from vinyl

Remarkable embellishments!!
Thank you. The finishing details are my favorite part of the process.
That is so detailed! Where do you look out of it?
Thanks! You can partially see out the windows and a bit out of the cracks in the house. It probably has the worst vision of all my masks.

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