This was a commission completed for a Montreal artist. It was a simple type of mask and I want to use it as a step by step example to give everyone a basic understanding of how they are made. 

What you will need:

Foam: Insulation foam (I am using a pink type in this example), Ethafoam or any other type of carving foam. 

Fabric of choice.

Sheet Styrene and a small piece of plywood to mold the eyes.

Carving knife: I prefer large and small Olfas, but whatever you are comfortable shaping foam with.

A Surform shaver tool. 

Glues: 3m Spray glue, Hot glue and a cement bond (optional).

Vision screen: Chicken wire, screen material, thin foam sheet (ie. type used as a wet filter for a shop vac).

Airbrush and paints as well as additional acrylic paints for brushed on details. 

T-pins, thread (strong upholstery type is recommended), curved sewing needle.


The above photos were taken by Monsiieur.
Concept by Manuel Mathieu 
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Step 1: Research Pictures.

The client sent me some of these pictures and I gathered others from Google Images for reference. 
Also recommended to acquire a 3D reference like a toy doll head.
"Street of Crocodiles" good!!
oh right! That didn't cross my mind even though that is definitely my favourite Brothers Quay short.
<p>Lango, first i would like to say that all your masks are great and an inspiration. What type of hand stitch do you do for your seams of fabric?</p>
Thanks! I really appreciate that. <br>I use a ladder stitch with a curved needle. <br>If you do a youtube search you should be able to find examples of how it works. Polar fleece is nice with that technique as you can ruffle the fibers with a pin afterwards to mask the seam a bit.
Wow what a lot of work. Kudos very cool!
You know, the last image of the final glue up before forming, a little work and that alone would be creepy enough to be disturbing...
Yeah, I always want to play with more minimalist ideas in my own work, and I see the potential in what you are referring to. Maybe one day!
That is extremely creepy and well crafted- nice write up too!
Thank you! Much appreciated.
I would utilize a foam cutter for this detail work. It'll tear less than a knife and get a precise cut. Their are a million instructables on making them. I made mine in a day for less than $15. Kipkay has a tutorial on youtube.
These are so damn scary reminded me of movie &quot;The Conjuring&quot;.
Haven't seen that film, but I looked up some screen shots and saw the reference. CREEPY.
Wow Fantastic concept and realy nicely excuted
Thank you! Glad you enjoy it.
Should add a blue or red LED to the eye, that way in the dark it just looks even creepier 0.0
Yeah I would like to get more into having battery operated components. I did a mask of an anglerfish recently that has a light in it, but yes, LED lighted eyes would be crazy and cool.
This is so amazing. The symmetry part is especially useful to me - that is my weakness - achieving that
Awesome! I am happy to share and help out. I know that I've learned so much from this site.
Nice! ... or as my kids say, SICK! .... Thanks!!!!!
hahah. Sick may work in both senses here.
So creepy, I love it!
Thank you. Much appreciated. : )
Great technique for doing fast and dirty plastic forming. Thanks.
I like my art fast and dirty! Glad you took something from it.

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