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Introduction: Mask Replica

About: I have recently (this year) got into 3D printing and really enjoy making and modifying things.

I have always been a big fan of the Zelda series so I wanted to create a replica mask for my desk.

Step 1: Print the Model and Stand

I did not create, I only re-sized it. 3D model used:

The model and stand were printed at 200 microns.

Step 2: Smooth the Surface

To smooth out the model a 2 part Epoxy resin was used and applied with a paint brush. This resin is excellent for smoothing out steep curves and provides a little smoothing for shallow curves

The resin used was a fishing rod building finishing resin, this is a cheap way of smoothing prints without losing detail and give a great finish.

Step 3: Base Coat

The mask and stand was base coated in white spray paint, this works well over the resin coating.

Step 4: Paint the Model

The mask was painted as seen here, using washes and some detailed line work.

The base was painted with a metallic gold and given a dark ink wash to finish it.



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    It turned out great! Smoothing the print with a resin coating is a good tip.

    1 reply

    Thanks :)

    Yeah the resin works pretty well, if you leave it a few mins before using it it will thicken and be better at smoothing the shallow curves (I left some visible on this one so it looked like wood grain).

    It looks awesome! You should enter this in the Rainbow Contest too. I think it qualifies :)

    1 reply

    Thanks :). I will take a look at the contest.