Picture of Mask with Glowing eyes
so i bought a plain white mask
then i bought 2 small cliplights
then i taped them in place
then i covered the top of the lamps with tape so i didnt get light in my eyes


link to the same cliplights i used:

abergman41 year ago
How well could you see out of the mask with the lights on?
Trafalgar Law (author)  abergman41 year ago
perfeclty fine, since i taped the back snd top of the lights they dont shine back in the mask :)
danielemur1 year ago
it's Herobrine!
Kiteman1 year ago
"Tejpd"? I think you mean "taped"?
pojken Kiteman1 year ago
In Swedish, tape is tejp, so that's a possibility. :)
Trafalgar Law (author)  pojken1 year ago
thats exactly why :D svensk här :D
Trafalgar Law (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
yes :D
Kiteman1 year ago
That looks really spooky, almost like a 1970s Doctor Who monster!
HrdWodFlor1 year ago
Very cool and so easy. Good job.