Want to cover the screen of your ipod or cellphone with items you already have around the house? Here's a five minute screen cover that's guranteed to keep your electronic devices scratch-free!

Step 1: Materials

Gather these items before you begin:

1. Clear packing tape
2. Scissors
3. Dish soap
4. Warm water
5. A screen to cover

Step 2: Mixing

Mix the dish soap with the warm water and stir it around until it's sudsy.

Step 3: Cutting

Cut the packing tape to fit your screen. Try to avoid touching your fingers to the sticky part of the tape.

Step 4: Soaking

Soak the piece of tape in the soapy water for 2-3 minutes.

Step 5: Finished!

Remove the tape form the water. Shake off any excess water and apply to your device's screen. At this point you can also make more sizing adjustments if necessary. Firmly smooth out any bubbles in the tape and you're good to go!
<p>To eveyone who visits this 'ible,' please don't judge it too harshly. This actually works very well! I know my picture quality isn't great, but this was the first one I ever made.</p>
Packing tape i think would work better
Thank you for pointing out my mistake. I said masking tape and meant packing tape.

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