The following masks of animals etc. were all made using plaster strip ( a gauze material soaked in plaster ) paper mache pulp, acrylic paint and found objects to decorate. 
<p>Just...great. </p><p>I love if you could make an instructable of the dog mask. Reminds me Breakfast at Tiffany's masks.</p>
<p>It would be nice to see instructions for this Instructable.</p>
They are amazing! <br>I would love to see a step by step instructable! <br>Did you put the plaster strips directly to the persons face to get the &quot;foundation&quot; for sculpting the masks? <br> <br>I love the dog and foxes wearing ties and suits!
FANTASTIC!! <br /> <br />I've been wanting to make some masks like these.
Thanks! lots of fun!

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