We wear the mask that grins and lies,
It hides our cheeks and shades our eyes...

Got something to hide? Check out these great Instructables for new ideas on how to disguise, transform, or re-create your identity this Halloween!
Tatted Mask style
My tatted mask is made with cotton thread, swarovski crystals and a few small pieces of wire. You will need an intermediate to advanced knowledge of needle or shuttle tatting to complete this project ...
Giant Mask:  Montessaurus! style
This is the most excruciatingly detailed record I have kept of my various giant papier-mache mask projects. This particular mask - a strange monster that I call the "Montessaurus" - was made for a pr...
Giant Mask: Horror Head! style
This Instructable (which will begin by bordering dangerously on "slideshow" and for that, I apologize) is the focal point for my 2008 Halloween costume. A huge, papier-mache mask of gruesome proporti...
How to make an Anglerfish mask style
I wanted to make a Halloween costume that I could scare all the little Japanese kids with, and that I could take off quickly when dealing with stoic Japanese businessmen. So I needed something that wa...
Realistic, Animatronic Lion Mask with stereo night vision and amplified hearing style
This is the full step by step on building a realistic lion mask with moving jaw with stereo night vision/color vision system, and amplified hearing augmentation.This system was first line prototyped i...
Iron Man Helmet style
Ok basically i wanted to make an iron man helmet similar to the one from the new movie! so thats what i did, i tried to take as many pictures along the way as i could showing the details and the chang...
How to make the Jigsaw Killers headtrap for next to nothing style
This is my second build themed around the 'Saw' movies for our halloween party. It details the construction of a replica head trap as worn by Amanda in the first saw movie. This costume is for my fian...
Scary Mask style
Make this scary mask! It's easier than it looks.
Paper Bag Mask style
Wearing a paper bag over your head? Spice it up!!
Duct Tape Batman Mask style
Here's a Dark Knight version batman mask made of mostly duct tape. It was made to enter in a county fair "duct tape creations" contest. It won $15 dollars. It's fairly rough, but maybe it'll inspir...
How to Make a Werewolf Mask style
This instructable will show you an in depth guide on how to make a Werewolf mask out of fairly simple supplies. The making of this mask does require time and patience, but it is highly customizable, ...
Make an Abominable Snowman Mask. style
I came across a really great deal on some old rabbit hides this Spring and didn't know what to do with them. They where headed for the garbage can but but I made an offer and the farmer handed them ov...
Masquerade Ball Masks style
This instructable will explain how to make two different masks suitable for a masquerade ball. The two different mask types are suitable for male and female. ...
How to make a Rorschach Mask style
In the midst of this new craze for Watchmen, and more specifically the Rorschach character, I thought I might give the whole costume thing a shot. Now the rest of the costume is self explanatory, and...