Introduction: Mason Jar Blender Hack

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This is a quick Ible on how to use a mason jar as a blender pitcher.

Step 1: The Parts

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The bottom of most blenders will screw off and become 2 pieces. These pieces fit most Mason jars. WHO KNEW?

Step 2: Ensure the Proper Fit

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Make sure that the blades fit into the jar without the blades hitting the sides. Ensure the bottom threads fit the jar threads.

Step 3: Add Your Ingredients

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Make sure the lid fits well and invert to put on the blender.

Step 4: BLEND!!!

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BLEND some more. Then BLEND again. If you are making what I made.

Step 5: Enjoy

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Remove the blade and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


jlovitt (author)2017-03-14

Perfect! I just broke the top of my 20 year old blender and this gives me a great solution using things I already own.

vanmu (author)2014-07-26

I had NO idea!!! This is PERFECT for pre-mixed deck-party drinks! Thank you so much! :)

bmelton1 (author)vanmu2014-07-26

You are welcome. Enjoy the parties!

BAMotumbo (author)2014-07-25

This is simply the best way to blend things in a mason jar.

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