Step 9:

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Now, screw the jars back onto their lids. If you measured correctly the jars should hang exactly where you wanted them. Turn the wall switch on and bathe in the light and satisfaction of a job well done.
teresa.heitz7 months ago

i am going to make a chandelier similar to this and your instructions are so helpful, but i do have questions about the wiring. first, i want to use a plug in type instead of hard wiring. i assume the 2 wires you used for hard wiring could be used for the plug in wiring? also i am a bit confused about the ground bar. you used 9 terminal for 10 lights. does this mean the left over wire is what you used to hard wire? and could i then use those to for the plug in wiring? do those wires connect to the terminal at all and if so, how? thanks so much for information. i am loving your blog!