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Introduction: Mason Jar Planter

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DIY reclaimed wood, indoor planters for your home!

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Step 1: Get Wood

Dumpster dive or search alleyways to find some reclaimed wood. If that fails, then I suppose you could go to your local hardware store and purchase said wood. You might also want to check Craigslist for wood in the 'free' or 'material' sections.

Depending on how many mason jars you want to add per board, measure appropriately for spacing. Each of my boards were about 40 inches so I separated my jars 8 inches apart and centered them using a ruler and a sharpie.

Step 2: The Foundation

To secure my mason jars, I used metal clamps and mending plates. The mending plates secure the clamps to the board.

First, I marked the center, where the mending plate would be placed. I marked where each plate would drilled into the board using a sharpie. Then I drilled the bottom screw about 3/4 of the way into the board and slid the clamp underneath. Then I drilled the top screw in to secure the clamp. I repeated this until I had secured all of my clamps to the board.

Step 3: Finished Board

Here you can see the clamps and plates screwed into the board.

Step 4: Install Mason Jars

Using the clamps, I attached my mason jars to the piece of wood.

Step 5: Finished Planter

Finally, I put my plants inside each mason jar and then used picture hanging hardware to hang the planter on the wall. This is what your planter will look like when you have finished.



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Amazing work...thanks for sharing...

What is the size of the mason jars? The capacity. And, what are the types of plants you used? Thanks.

Hey sorry for the very late response, but I just used soil and have been watering maybe once a week. I have now had the plants in regular sized mason jars for almost one year and they are still growing. I would suggest if you wanted larger plants to use the larger mason jars, also adding layers of charcoal and rocks will help. I did that in a later project which you can see if you copy this link

This is awesome for none other but looking TOTALLY AWESOME. Its pretty just dont over water and considering the jar is see through overwatering shouldnt be an issue. The rock idea is cool too. If the roots grow theough the rocks that just makes a much cooler view!!!! Will be making this with the hubby today!!!!!

Yeah I have had the plants in for almost a year with no issue, watering them maybe once a week and they are perfect.

that looks amazing I shall use this in the house ill be moving into soon


Great idea. How do you water them? Since there's no draining holes, just a bit of water so doesn't rot the plant roots? Men, I'm gonna do that! Thanks for the idea, got my vote.

Add an inch of charcoal to the bottom of the jar to filter the water.

I have some plants in mason jars already but they are succulents so they don't require much water. The charcoal idea is great and I might have to add this in. Thanks for the tip!!!

Drop an ice cube in every few days to maybe a week? The melt time should allow for some absorption