As a child, I always loved looking at snow globes. I was fascinated by the winter wonderland in the magnificent glass. Now I can make one and so can you!

Step 1: Materials Needed

The materials that are needed for this project include a mason jar, super glue, glitter, mini Christmas trees, water, and glycerin.
I used Gorilla Glue Precision Glue Pen, and it worked great.

Apparently, it is possible to make one of these a bit "earthier." https://www.instructables.com/id/Urine-Snow-Globe/ <br /> <br />Yours is much cuter. :)
What size mason jar did you use? So far This is the only set of directions that don't say &quot;add a dash of glycerine&quot; or &quot;add some glycerine but not too much!&quot;<br>Lol<br><br>So wanna know if you did 2 tablespoons for a pint or quart mason jar
I used the quart-sized Mason jar.
This is adorable and we are going to be doing this--however to avoid eventual leakage run a bead of HOT GLUE or EPOXY or E600000000 (Can't remember the exact name but it works!) glue around the edge of the JAR and the LID to seal it up. <br> <br>Cute small trees for this can be found in Walmart in the ornament section---small ones were 75 cents and are about 3&quot; tall and could be trimmed down if you were using a smaller jar or for differing heights; they also offered several different colors/finishes. <br> <br>We looked at the trees avail at a &quot;hobby shop&quot; for train sets and they were cute but extremely expensive!

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