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Introduction: Mason Jar Yarn Art

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I made this fun décor piece out of yarn! Fun and simple way to bring Pizzazz to a piece! Just grab some yarn, a piece of wood and some nails and your ready to go!!!

Step 1: Choose a Picture

Choose a picture you like, print it out, tape it to your wood and nail out the picture!

Wrap the yarn around the nails as many times as you like. Double knot the string to secure it!

Add Flowers - they slip right through the nails!!



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    I love the idea of combining yarn art with objects! I look forward to seeing the process shots on the next one you make :D

    This is very pretty! Do you have any progress photos from when you made it or a template?

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    No Unfortunately I don't because it was super easy...but I will be making another one soon. I can post pictures for that one!