I have been playing a lot Mass Effect lately and I noticed the same coffee mug throughout the game.  You can see several lying around the Normandy and on human colonies, stations and labs.  If you haven't noticed it, it is actually on the load screen of Mass Effect 3.  Suggestible as I am I wanted coffee and a mug like that every time I saw it in the games. 

The coffee was easy, but to have a mug like that would require a bit of work. I couldn't find a mug with such a tiny handle so it is not as accurate a replica as I would like.  To make it more interesting I embellished it with an N7 logo on the side (I imagine Commander Shepard should have a mug N7on it!).  I also added the Paragon symbol on the inside bottom of the mug (+2 Paragon Points for finishing your coffee).
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Step 2: Tape it up

To get my mug to look like the one in the game, I masked off the top inch and a half of the mug so that it will remain white.  I debated what to do with the handle, whether to paint part of it black to make up for the fact that it doesn't look like the one in the game but decided it would just look weird that way.  So I masked off the handle too.
Fennecetty6 months ago

Beyond awesome. I'll have to try this out for some of my own favourite games.

ChrysN (author)  Fennecetty6 months ago


sunshiine11 months ago

ChrysN, I love this idea. Would you happen to know if the cup can be used in the microwave and dishwasher? I have been wanting to make a custom cup. Thanks for the inspiration and have a safe and happy spring!


ChrysN (author)  sunshiine11 months ago

Yes, if you use the Pebleo Porcelain 150 paint it is dishwasher and microwave safe.

sunshiine ChrysN11 months ago

Awesome, thanks again for sharing this and all the good stuff you share.


thanx to u ive made my own Linkin Park version of the cofee mug.. i found it a bit messy and hard though :)

I never played Mass Effect in my life but that cup you made looks awesome :)

ChrysN (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 year ago


Jobar0071 year ago

Does that mean you would get +2 Renegade for dumping the coffee on someone? ;)

ChrysN (author)  Jobar0071 year ago

Of course! :)

One wonders if the coffee cup in the game is an easter egg somewhere in the studios where the game was created....? I like it!

(That's only if you wanted an exact replica though.)
You could always make a mug out I clay (exactly like the one on screen), then fire it. which isn't to hard if you have a torch, and some cinder blocks. ^_^
TP_inc1 year ago

nice to see that many people on instructables are gamers as I am a avid gamer