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Introduction: Mass Effect Paragon & Renegade Emblems

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Mass Effect is the new love of my life. Move over Skyrim, there's a new lady in town. I beat the second one in a couple of weeks and then traded in tons of other games just to get the third once it dropped to $30. It is all I do now.

I especially like the paragon and renegade actions in the game - reminds me of the karma feature in Fallout 3. I learned to use a laser cutter the other day, and thought I'd make my own Mass Effect logos.

I think carrying these around could be akin to those horrible "How am I feeling today?" magnet sets people keep on their fridges... but much cooler.

Do I feel like saving a Volus colony or do I feel like assassinating a councilor today?

I drew these up in Inkscape using photos I found online as a reference and then laser cut them on wood. I'm not sure yet if I'll paint them or not. :D

I've included the files so that you can make your own! If you do make a pair, post pictures and I'll give you a three month pro membership! I would love to see your own creations!



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    really awesome!!! what programe did you use??