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How to hack playstation gamepads keys and use the Massage me touch pad as a button inputs. You can use other sensors as well. This version works only for digital inputs unfortunately. Analog input version will be coming soon.

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Step 1: Open the gamepad

Picture of Open the gamepad
We found the Hama PC-Gamepad Double Action AirGrip to be easy to hack.

First, unscrew all the screws on the gamepad and open it. The inside looks more or less like this (see picture). It also has motors for "Dual shock", but I took the picture after I cut the cable... sorry.
avibank9115 years ago
You must have extreme patience to solder such tiny spaces, how did you manage that?

dsman1952767 years ago
sweet . but will this work with ps1?
The controller hacked is a PS1 compatible controller and the setup of Massage me is such that it works with the PS1.So, yes, it works with PS1, what we've actually never tried is using it with the PS2.
thx so much i have to try this