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Before starting it makes sense to understand the basic principle
The technology inside the jacket is really very simple. We are making buttons out of soft materials and extending their outputs with wires to a central point, the plug. The neoprene layers are not functional, they just give a good feel to the jacket and make it strong enough to withstand frequent massage. underneeth the neoprene there are patches of conductive fabric stuck on both sides and in between there is a layer of foam. The foam has been perforates with holes where the buttons are, so that when you push on a button you are effectively bringing two layers of conductive fabric together and thus closing the switch and pressing the button.

Though this technology has proved to work very well so far, we still think it can be improved. We are looking fwd to your suggestions on how to solve things simpler and more efficient. It takes about two whole days if not three to complete all three components (Jacket, Custom cable with plugs and the Gamepad hack) of Massage me.

Step 1: What you will need

MATERIALS you will need:
- Game controller to take apart
- Flexible Cables
- Conductive fabric
- Neoprene, both sides jersey, 1.5mm thick
- Soft, stretchy material for collar and bottom, if you prefer to not to use neoprene for these
- Sponge sheet, 5mm thick
- Velcro
- Thread
- Solder
- ...

Equipment you will need:
- Soldering iron and stand
- Sewing machine
- Screwdriver
- Pattern
- Hole maker
- Scissors
- Paper and pens
- Wire stripper
- Pliers
- ...

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