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Introduction: Massive Concrete-Kitchen

About: ...i am just an avarage guy with an regular job...and some crazy ideas... so live and let diy ;)

A friend of me asked to build him an massive concrete kitchen,... in fact he planed to have a kitchen island in 2 meter by 4 i had to do this... a new challenge ;)

Step 1: Building the Framwork / Mold

So framework was pretty fast done we used plywood and some sprew planks, it had to be done cheap and fast... to reinforce the structure we used some pvc pipe in the middle to fill with concrete ass a column. wee needed one day to set it on

Step 2: Preparing for the Concrete

so now it was time to place the ironmats and the steelbars... to get the hole thing fixed we screwed holes in the screed 10 cm deep and putted the steelbars in

Step 3: Concrete

we used in total 1,5 tons of concrete to fill the hole mold and we wher doing the mixing by hand and transported with buckets from the garage to the kitchen... that day was long started 8 in the morning and finished 3 in the morning the other day :)

Step 4: Finish the Concrete

I used some cement and powdered it on the concrete

Step 5: De-molding

after 3 weeks we thought that the concrete must have been dried long enough and we started carefully on de-molding... that part was the trickiest thing because we had to work safely because we dont wanted to harm the edges... we noticed there have been some little holes so we seeled them with new concrete

Step 6: Finish

We mounted the furniture, (bought at ikea) and placed it under the concrete. after mounting all electrics and sink an etc... tadaa it was ready to use



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    Hi, looks good. I love concrete products like this. I cant quite see the steps after de-moulding though. Surely there was a grind/polish and a seal involved?

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    I think it is bent in the middle

    Recomend automatic kitchen cabinet system,and automatic slide to you.

    Really cool project, What king of concrete did you use? Did you mixed it with sand? I'm from Belgium and it's really hard to find a good pre-mixed concrete for countertop...

    That is so cool I don't think my floor could take the weight but I would love that you do wonderful work!

    4 replies

    Hey and thx for your support, u could do this in fake if you use ardex cement and those plates, this will be less work less weight and less price but the finish will be almost the same


    Wow!, how a nice work, i would like to try for myself but the light version, can you tell where to find or the name of those plates to use with ardex, is the ardex a kind of concrete, with all these the process is still the same? Thank you so much.

    Hello yes of cause but it will be some more explanations... where do you life so i can look for projects you can buy in your region (i dont know if you can buy ardex this is an european concrete product)

    Hi, I live in Spain, i think the product Ardex is German but maybe i can find something like it, but those plates i don't know any similar.. thanks

    I have to try this! I was looking mainly for tips and techniques on fabricating a concrete countertop and this has some great info. I hate the countertops in my house now and don't really want to repeat the how I replaced my last ones with tile (grout lines aren't the most sanitary food prep surface). Thanks for posting this!

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    Thank you for the support...if you have any questions you can ask me any time


    how did you seal the concrete? did you polish it. and if so what did you use?

    1 reply

    Hello i used this product.

    you are welcome,... so thank you also for your feedback :)