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Introduction: Massive Sling Shot

This is a sling shot made from exercise tubing, paracord, GORILLA tape, and a chair.

Step 1: Materials

1. Find a Suitable chair. (something with 4 legs and around 8" clearance between the legs.
2. Para-cord (550 cord) (a few feet is needed)
3. GORILLA Tape (to make pouch to hold projectiles)
4. Exercise tubing (basically surgical tubing, around 4' needed)

Step 2: Tools

1. Lighter (fuse ends of para-cord)
2. Pocket Knife
3. Scissors
4. Single hole punch (substite for knife)

Step 3: Attach Tubing to Chair

1. Fold one end of tubing around part of chair (see pictures)
2. Use para cord to attach tubing to chair very tightly
3. Repeat for other side of tubing

Step 4: Make and Attach Pouch

1. Using gorilla tape, make pouch for holding projectiles.
      - stick tape to itself so no adhesive sides of tape are exposed
2. Punch holes into pouch approximately on both sides of where tubing runs (see pictures)
3. Using para-cord, wrap tubing to pouch (again, see pics)

Step 5: Finished Weapon

Use large objects such as tennis balls or similar, sit on the ground, put your feet on the un-used legs of the chair, load, aim, and fire the sling shot.



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    Wtf is wrong with ppl.

    I have the same stool but it broke :(