Step 8: Mount Head... We're Almost There!

The head was mounted in the same fashion as the arms. Use a servo lever and screw it to the base of the head. I used 3 tiny screws to mount mine.

Tiny dremel bits come in handy for making tiny holes for tiny screws:)

Where can i get a cheaper ez-b
The ez-b is already priced way below any comparable robot controllers. The project cares more about building robots than making money :)
That stinks cause i am just a 11 year old boy with no money :(
Tell you what! Huge props for being an 11 year old boy wanting to build robots! That is real cool. The expensive part with robotics are the servos actually. Because the robot controller you can re-use. When you get into robot controllers and circuit boards and need servos, then look up the as-12 acoms servo. they are the cheapest around and pretty good quality. it is what i use because i buy them bulk from ebay.
but stll is there a cheaper one from sparkfun
spark fun has a bluetooth robot controller with 9 adc, 14 servo, 20 uart, 20 digital i/o, voice recognition, color recognition, motion recognition, sdk, graphical development gui, and a more? <br>
nice :)
Very cool!

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