Picture of Master Chief Delux
How to build a Master Chief from scratch and make it not look like cardboard.  Best of all less then 100 bucks!

Step 1: Research

Always the most important step.  After all there are multiple variants and generations of Master chief with varying degrees of detail.  You want to choose a version that you can have access to lots of photos so you can have good references because you will need them.

You can find them all over Google or my personal favorite was the 405th.com  they have pix of just about every conceivable angle.

What printer and paper did you use for this project?
animruler22 years ago
did you get 1st prize? congrats!
ghostrider23 years ago
Does anybody know how to tint the visor without using a motorcycle visor? I was planning on using vacuum formed clear plastic and need to tint the visor and keep visibility
MR 6 (author)  ghostrider23 years ago
You could use a gold spray paint on the inside of the visor(so that the color looks more smooth and iridescent), but that means you cant really see out, I don't know what you would do for the silver bit.
MotaBoi4 years ago
I cant believe you did it that well with low detail parts! How did you do it? Lots of bondo?
MR 6 (author) 5 years ago
Right on, if you have any questions hit me up.  Glad to help
One question:

Do you think that I could make a suit if I worked my @$$ off in time for Halloween.
MR 6 (author)  Cr4zy_Dud3_0n_F1r34 years ago
Yes, but it will be a lot of work.
Okay, thanks, already got the boots cut out yesterday (my first day).
 I have a question, where can I get the pattern for the visor? thanks in advance 
MR 6 (author)  mistdemon1235 years ago

This is where I got my template.  If it wont let you view the page make an account (its free) and search.

"Dual Layer Visor Mini-Tutorial"

then just print and enlarge till it fits.  Good Luck!
leoishungry5 years ago
Where did you get the faceplate template in the third picture?
Good idea on the fan for the helmet. 
deafman2145 years ago
wow this is great!,im grabbin all the stuff i can and im gonna make it now and make it perfect for next halloween

or  any gamers conventions that come up