Picture of Master Clock

This is a project for anyone that wants a nice big clock that's viewable from 12 meters away or up close. You can make it as big as you want. It also incorporates a built in alarm clock that can be used as an event handler, say for a automated watering system for a garden or to remind you about that weekly meet up your meant to go to.

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Step 1: Step 1: Parts you need

You will need the following parts to construct the Master Clock

- Freetronics DMD display

- Real Time Clock Module for Arduino (Like this one )

- Buzzer (or similar - enough to wake you up in the morning)

- Momentarily On push button

- 2x On-Off buttons (One for power -optional)

- Arduino Uno or similar

- Arduino Uno Proto shield (Optional - If you want things a little neater)

- A 5VDC regulated power supply capable of 4 - 30 Amps (Optional for high brightness - Not needed for normal operation)

Step 2: Step 2: Constructing The Hardware

Picture of Step 2: Constructing The Hardware

To construct the Master Clock's Hardware follow these step:

1) Connect the buzzer, silence button and alarm set switch to the breadboard.

2) Wire one of each switches pins to ground and the buzzers GND pin to the GND pin on the arduino (As shown in the diagram

3) Wire the other pin of the alarm set switch to D2, the silence pin to D3 and the buzzer to D4

4) Connect your RTC module to the arduino according to its type (read manufacture data)

5) Connect the DMDCON to arduino and plug in DMD

6) For full brightness of DMD connect a 5V source to the High Brightness terminals

7) If you wish to make this on a proto shield solder all parts to the shield and connect appropriately.


dancopy1 month ago

Hi friend! First, thanks for Instructable;
This code works on a 16x64 Matrix? If not, what needs to be changed?
I have a 16x64 matrix and would make this watch;

Nice instructions for this clock. I have most of the items to get started and only need to pick up a few parts. Thanks for the instructable!