Introduction: Master Sword 2.0

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Everyone remembers my first post.

That ugly master sword.

It was flimsy, wrinkly, and you could see that it was a yardstick through the ugly dark grey paint job.

But recently, I came across a great instructible for a beautiful clay worked master sword by Jake 1562.

The URL is

I was inspired by Jake 1562's clay working to make my own "remixed" clay handle master sword.

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Step 1: Blade

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The Blade is by far the trickiest part in this project. You need a long piece of pine wood about 1 1/2 feet long, 1 inch long and a half inch wide. Sand the edges so it is smooth. Then use a saw to cut a point on the top. You can also use a knife to do that. Then, sand it so it isn't dangerous. After that, spray paint it white, not silver. Use glossy white. Remember, the master sword is the blade of evil's bane. It is pale and glistening.

Step 2: Hilt + Guard

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Use a thick, hand length piece of PVC. And I mean thick. Take white air dry clay, and fill the pipe. But leave room for the blade. make sure the blade is stable. Now, to make the guard, use two cardboard wings to model those of the master swords. Cover them with clay. Use a knife to carve in the details. Once that is finished, spray paint it sparkly purple (if you want TP or SS) or dark purplish blue (If you want OoT).

Step 3: Finishing Touches

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Use sharpie to draw the triforce on the blade, and use small yellow plastic gems on the hilt. You are finished!

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DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-07-12

Cool design.

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