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I've made the mechanism from my previous gun more compact so that it would look and work better. I've also tweaked some things, such as changed the mag since my previous Uzis/MACs so that they are locked stronger to the gun. I've made and destroyed the gun months ago, but I've been, and still am, so busy that I can't really spend much time on my I'bles, so for this gun anyone interested in building will have to work off the step-by-step images without written instructions.

-Full auto
-Removable mag
-Folding stock
-Trigger guard

Step 1: Components

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Make the following.

Step 2: Construction

Picture of Construction

Follow the images.

Step 3: Mag

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Follow the images.

Step 4: Operation

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Place rubberbands as in the first 2 images, then load a mag as in image 3. Load the bands one at a time, hooking them on the tip of the barrel and on the spoke, as with my previous guns. Then insert the mag, pull out the pin. The safety is activated in image 4 and dis-activated  in image 5. Pull trigger to release a hail of K'nex pieces.

Warning: This gun can cause damage and/or injury. The safety and other mechanisms can fail so always treat it as armed. Do not point at people, things, or animals. I am not responsible in any way for any damage, injury, or death caused by my Instructables. You are totally responsible for any damage, injury, or death caused by my Instructables. Use common sense when making and/or using them.


Fred the evil puppet (author)2013-03-30

sweet :D

Kinda cool, I do like it. =D

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-03-26


Knex.X (author)2013-03-26

to be honest. It doesn't look a damn like a real mac-10, also, start using pins instead of your old, sucky 'semi auto' mechanism

Masterdude (author)Knex.X2013-03-27

For one, I don't concentrate most of my efforts on making true-to-life replicas, but instead concentrate on the working features. Second, I have made some ramrod guns, but those designs are inherently limited in certain features and functions which guns based on a RBG-slingshot mech can achieve.

Knex.X (author)Masterdude2013-03-28

Rbg's are outdated, your mac 10 looks like a combo between a toothbrush and a hammer.

Masterdude (author)Knex.X2013-03-28

Please note, it's not a normal RBG, but a hybrid, and I don't just take an old design like the ramrod and change the body, but I change the mech to create a new and improve design. As for the "toothbrush and a hammer" comment, could you please explain that because I, as others I'm sure, just plain don't see that.

Knex.X (author)Masterdude2013-03-29

It was just a joke but pfff, your 'hybrid' is nothing more than a 5 years old concept for a mag fed slingshot

Masterdude (author)Knex.X2013-03-29

If so then please show me an example of a "5 year old... mag fed slingshot," and please keep in mind to find an example which is fully automatic.

Knex.X (author)Masterdude2013-03-30

fully automatic, yours is pseudo semi auto. you first have to load on all the bands before shooting. full auto means you don't need any power source preparing, as for the example:

Masterdude (author)Knex.X2013-04-05

Oh, not this whole argument again. One, I believe they are indeed semi-auto, two, even if not this one is semi but full auto, which I as I'm sure many define as "one pull, many shots."

Knex.X (author)Masterdude2013-04-06

Do your homework, yours is PSEUDO semi auto. True full autos dont require ANY manual loading at all. With your gun, you'll have to load bands on it everytime you emptied the mag.

Masterdude (author)Knex.X2013-04-05

As for the example, it seems to me like a semi-automatic (much like the ones I've made), and not a full auto.

knexrule2012 (author)2013-04-02

is it like a spray gun or is it truly even automatic

Masterdude (author)knexrule20122013-04-05

I consider it truly automatic, what do you mean by "spray gun"? I consider this a "spray-and-pray" sort of gun.

Knex.X (author)2013-03-26

to be honest. It doesn't look a damn like a real mac-10, also, start using pins instead of your old, sucky 'semi auto' mechanism

laserbeam (author)Knex.X2013-03-26

I personaly like the 'semi auto' mechanism to be honest , and btw he has made a few pin guns.

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