I made this K'nex Safe/Vault some time ago. I most probably will not post an I'ble (~90-99% sure) so if you want to make it then you'll have to work with this. It uses 2 keys and they move back bolts which lock the door in place.
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Sharir17013 years ago
very creative concept, nothing i've seen before out of knex... great execution. 4.5*
Masterdude (author)  Sharir17013 years ago
R U able to post instructions cause I really want to build this...5 stars :)
Masterdude (author)  Snosageman994 years ago
I am currently working on a new model, kind of like this but it will have a larger storage area, more compact, and a better working lock system.
james44 years ago
frigging sweet 5 stars
Masterdude (author)  james44 years ago
Masterdude (author)  v iWeeNIKbHoYx4 years ago
instruct394 years ago
very good! best ive seen, and definately not gettin in without a key
Masterdude (author)  instruct394 years ago
Thanks. However it would be better if the walls were thicker. However I didn't have the pieces to make them thicker.
~KGB~4 years ago
Masterdude (author)  ~KGB~4 years ago
no problem!
Omg looks freaking sweet!As soon as i get more pieces im totally gonna try and build this.
Masterdude (author)  tubanator-2.04 years ago
MegaMetal84 years ago
Masterdude (author)  MegaMetal84 years ago

tutorial please , i need make this

can you post instructions
Masterdude (author)  slaveboy20003 years ago
Here, I made a new version and posted it here:

rlaxrlax3 years ago
plz pst instructins
Masterdude (author)  rlaxrlax3 years ago
I am. Have all the images uploaded and am working on the I'ble! It should be posted within a week (unless I procrastinate again ; ).
Furloy4 years ago
hey this is awsome, you should put it up on KI
Masterdude (author)  Furloy4 years ago
Thanks but I'm not going to post it anywhere, not even KI (which I dislike because it doesn't have as good of formating and overall is worse).
too bad, this would be great. oh well.
Masterdude (author)  Furloy3 years ago
OK, I actually will post a similar one. It's not the same but it is more compact with greater storage space, and I thing that the mech might be better.
VICTORY MUAHAHA!! thanks man
Masterdude (author)  Furloy3 years ago
You're welcomed.
zbrown20164 years ago
Is ther any instructions, I would really appreciate it.
Masterdude (author)  zbrown20164 years ago
Sorry, but no, atleast not yet. However I've gotten many requests so I may try to post an I'ble later (a couple months maybe?).
is there much space in it
Masterdude (author)  king of knex4 years ago
No, there isn't too much space in it. It was only a sort of prototype.
I am going to attempt to bulid this, it doesn't look too hard :)
Good luck.
what do the keys actually turn/unlock? because it looks to me like they dont do anything...
Inside they push pins back which keep the door in place.
tdela cruz4 years ago
cool,do you turn the key or jus put it in the hole?
Masterdude (author)  tdela cruz4 years ago
To unlock it you have to insert the key(s) and turn.
tynow4 years ago
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