Very easy and cheap table

I used that materials: 10cm x 1m x 20 mm pine wood 12 pieces, sufficently screw and nail, rustic oak gloss and shiny gloss, four piece glass bottle, and fake flowers.

And necesary electrical tools : drill, jigsaw, angle grinder (for sanding), handsaw,

Construction : I sanded all wood with angle grinder ( when using angle grinder please wear work gloves), next equalized length of wood and assembled all part and polished.

That is an awesome table! So is the table top only being held up by the glass bottles? Are they pretty strong?
Not only glass bottle I used turnbuckle ( I dont know english name (: ) for to hold together top side and bottom side, the glass bottles function is like a leg and pretty strong because of bottles glass is very thick, If you want you can sit over for test :)
Turnbuckle is what I call them in English. . . cool table!
Very cool. I love the push me pull you part.

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