Introduction: Match Rocket

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Step 1: Items

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2.7 matches
3.tin foil
4.paper clip or tooth pick

Step 2: Assembly

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Cut off match heads ,then place tooth pick on tin foil make sure you can fit the match heads up front. Pinch the top were the match heads are

Step 3: Launch

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Stick end off tooth pick in the ground with rocket on it. Hold a match or lighter below head when lit. The rocket souls launch


elliot5445 (author)2015-06-09

haha are you sure you should be lighting a rocket on a matchbox? Lol :D ill try it later!

Midcrane (author)2015-03-10


tbell1623 (author)2014-06-16


Midcrane (author)tbell16232015-03-10

that's rude. have you seen how many other match rockets there are in the world? he isn't necessarily copying you. (not ment to be mean)

cheap survivor (author)tbell16232015-01-23

thats not nice


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